Andrew Huberman Book Recommendations

Welcome back to NSDR. If you're captivated by the mysteries of the human brain and the intricacies of neuroscience, then you're in for a treat. Today, we're diving into some top-notch book recommendations from the esteemed neuroscientist and Stanford professor, Dr. Andrew Huberman. So, sit back, relax, and let's get started!

Who is Andrew Huberman?

His Role in Neuroscience

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a widely acclaimed neuroscientist and a professor of neurobiology at Stanford University. His research into the complex functioning of the brain has produced astounding revelations about human cognition and behavior.

His Role as a Podcaster

In addition to his academic pursuits, Huberman has harnessed the power of podcasting to share his wisdom with a wider audience. His podcast series demystifies complex neurological concepts, making them accessible to everyone.

Importance of Book Recommendations

Huberman's book recommendations are a window into his vast intellectual repertoire and his ongoing journey of learning. Picking up one of his recommended books is akin to sharing a conversation with this brilliant mind.

Andrew Huberman's Book Recommendation #1: "Breath" by James Nester

Kicking off with "Breath," this groundbreaking book by James Nester challenges everything we thought we knew about our most basic biological function: breathing. Drawing upon centuries of medical texts and cutting-edge scientific studies, Nester shows us how even the simplest act of inhaling and exhaling can transform our health and wellbeing. As Huberman suggests, after reading "Breath," you will never breathe the same way again.

Andrew Huberman's Book Recommendation #2: "Jaws" by Sandra Khan and Paul Ehrlich

Ever wondered how your jaws and teeth are linked to human evolution? "Jaws" by Sandra Khan and Paul Ehrlich offers an eye-opening exploration of the evolution of our jaws, resulting in smaller sizes and crowded teeth. This evolutionary shift, while fascinating, also presents health risks associated with obstructed airways. As Huberman recommends, "Jaws" will surely make you more conscious about the aesthetics and health implications of your jaws and teeth.

Andrew Huberman's Book Recommendation #3: "Finding Ultra" by Rich Roll

"Finding Ultra," authored by Rich Roll, is a memoir that resonates deeply with Huberman's enthusiasm for personal growth. It chronicles Roll's incredible journey of transformation and his venture into plant-based living. It's a moving testament to the power of following one's heart and the remarkable things that can happen when you dare to step outside your comfort zone.

Andrew Huberman's Book Recommendation #4: "The Secret Pulse of Time" by Stefan Klein

Ever found yourself wishing for more time? Stefan Klein's "The Secret Pulse of Time" might just be the book for you. This engaging read delves into the perception of time, suggesting that we have more control over it than we think. Huberman's recommendation of this book reflects his own interest in how we perceive and manage time.

Andrew Huberman's Book Recommendation #5: "The Nature of the Beast" by David Anderson

"The Nature of the Beast" by David Anderson is a fascinating dissection of how emotions drive behavior. Through examining emotions at their most basic biological level, Anderson provides new insight into our universal responses. Huberman's recommendation of this book reveals his keen interest in understanding the primal forces that underlie our actions and emotions.


As we wrap up our exploration of Andrew Huberman's bookshelf, it's clear that his recommendations offer a wealth of wisdom. They challenge our perceptions, engage our curiosity, and encourage us to think deeply. Ready to embark on this captivating journey? Click the link to find your next engrossing read!